eMDM Wallet

For convenience of the users in eMDM ecosystem there is a concept of Wallet. When a login is created eMDM automatically activates a wallet.
A user of eMDM will maintain sufficient balance in his / her wallet and while taking a service they get is deducted from their wallet.
All eMDM franchisee also maintain a wallet. When they take a service they can pay from their wallet on behalf of their customer.


Our prevailing rates are as following

MDM Report

Primary School

INR 250/-

MDM Report

Upper Primary School

INR 300/-

Cash Book


Rs 2000/-

Cash Book


Rs 2000/-

How to Pay

We also accept payments by Phone Pay, Google Pay, Bank Transfer along with Online Payments
Please contact our sales team on the following numbers to get fund in your wallet.
Contact Numbers: 7870669523, 7668257151

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