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क्या आप जानते हैं ?

मिड डे मील की एक माह की रिपोर्ट 30 मिनट से 90 मिनट में बनाया जा सकता है

एक वित्तीय वर्ष का कैश बुक 30 मिनट से 90 मिनट में बनाया जा सकता है

No Calculation Required Just Feed Your Data

Cash Book is mandatory for all Govt Schools under mid day meal programme

Rates Slashed!

MDM Report Primary School Rs 250/-

MDM Report Upper Primary School Rs 300/-

Cash Book of a FY Rs 2000/-

Take Annual Subscription of MDM Service get Cash Book Free

No need to worry Make your MDM Cash Book easily under mid day meal programme, mid day meal scheme

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Know About EMDM System

We are looking for Franchisee all over Bihar

What is eMDM?

Mid day meal programme / mid day meal scheme has been designed by Govt of India to provide better nutrition to the deprived children. EMDM Service is unique service in itself started by Benevolent Software Technologies. There are more than 15 Lakh schools in India who have responsibility of providing Mid Day Meal to the children from class I to VIII belonging to the age group of 6 to 14.
Most of the schools generally get at least two types of funds from Govt Of India (Central Govt) and respective State Govt for meeting Mid Day Meal expenses and meeting general school management expenses.
Respective head master / in-charge of the school is required to utilize the fund properly with all the financial and the same is submitted to the Serv Shiksha Abhiyan Office in the form of financial Reports. We help teachers develop Cash Book and Other MDM Reports.
At the end of every financial year a head master or in-charge running mid day meal programme / mid day meal scheme is required to present his / her cash book to the designated auditors for audit. Audited cash book is submitted in the respective district level offices.

Is it Difficult to Make MDM Reports and Cash Book?
The answer is "NO" but it requires some understanding of financial data representation

In general it has been observed that head masters have limitation in presenting the data in the mid day meal programme / mid day meal scheme Specified formats despite having all the data with them. It is because financial documents involve double entry accounting system which need some expertise in the area of accounting. Therefore, annual data representation requires help of Chartered Accountants or Account Experts.
It is very time consuming to come up with the proper representation of the cash book in the specified format despite efforts of several days.
Under such circumstances teachers / head masters generally take help of some of their coworkers who themselves are not subject matter experts resulting into degraded quality of the cash book.

eMDM initiative

eMDM is an information technology initiative by Benevolent Software Technologies Private Limited and Agrofarm Solutions Private Limited to help Govt School teachers in making their MDM Reports and Cash Books with ease.

How eMDM Service can Help?

We have setup two Servers

1. Test Server Go to Test Server

2. Production Server Go to Production Server

Head Masters / In-charges starting to use our services are directed to learn on our Test Servers by making Trial Reports required by mid day meal programme and then subscribe our services.

eMDM Service Charges

Once you sign up with us you will have a default wallet setup. When you pay us, your amount gets credited to your Wallet.
For various services under mid day meal programme / mid day meal scheme you will have to pay from your wallet only.

Terms & Conditions

Our Privacy Policy Visit

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How to Start?

Know more about MDM

You Need a PC / Tab / Mobile with Internet Access


1. Register Yourself

Go to https://emdm.in and Register as School. After OTP Confirmation You will get User Id and Password

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2. Set Opening Balance

Login Using your User Id and Password and Set your School's opening balance in eMDM.

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You can do income, expense, withdrawal entry

3. Complete Data Entry

You will have to enter data as to how many students are taking meal or egg / fruits and Cash and Rice Received

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You can choose from various payment options like online payment or wallet payment

4. Payment to eMDM

In order to maintain your eMDM Wallet. You will have Pay into Our Account by GooglePay on Mobile 7668257151 and Send UTR to Account Representative to get Balance in your Wallet

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Paytm, Googlepay, Phonepay

5. Pay from Wallet

You will be required to Pay charges for the Service being taken from your Wallet. After debit of your Wallet you will be allowed to print the Report. Googlepay, Paytm, Phonepay

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MDM Reports and Cash Book can be downloaded any time in PDF format

6. Print Your Report

You can print your report after making payment or you can save your report on your device / computer for future printing. All reports are generated in PDF format.

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Government Teachers have to spend a lot of time in making MDM Report related to mid day meal programme like Annual Cash Book. emdm.in brings Easy Solution.

  • Only Enter Total Number of Students
  • Six Pages of MDM Report Generated Automatically
  • Highly Secure Password Protected
  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive Design)
  • No Calculation Required for Cash Book
  • Just add Income, Withdrawal and Expense Your Cash Book is Generated as PDF
  • Deployed on Dedicated Server for Performance


Following Elegant Features Make Your Life Comfortable

कैश बुक के सॉफ्टवेयर को अत्यधिक आसान बनाया गया है इसके मूल प्रारूप को समझना जरूरी है और आप अपना वार्षिक कैश बुक बिना किसी झंझट का बना पाएंगे
आपके कैश बुक के अव्यय क्या हैं ?
1. ओपनिंग बैलेंस (पैसा हाथ में, पैसा बैंक में, अंडा का पैसा हाथ में, अंडा का पैसा बैंक में, अन्य पैसा हाथ में और बैंक में)
2. प्रत्येक माह कितना पैसा आया और किस मद में आया उसकी एंट्री (जैसे MDM मद ने या अंडा मद में या अन्य मद में)
3. प्रत्येक माह बैंक से कितनी निकासी है उसकी एंट्री (पास बुक से देखकर)
4. प्रत्येक माह कितना पैसा खर्च किया किस मद (MDM या अंडा या अन्य) में वाउचर न० के साथ
5. प्रत्येक माह आपके बैंक में किना पैसा बचा रह गया उसकी एंट्री जिसे मंथली क्लोजिंग बैलेंस कहेंगे (पास बुक से देखकर)
अगर आप ऊपर की चीज़ों को देखें तो आपको यह जानकार आश्चर्य होगा की ये सभी डाटा तो मेरे पास है ही तो मुझे किसी प्रगुप्ता जी, प्रशर्मा जी या प्रकुमार साहेब के पास जाने की क्या जरूरत है, मै तो अपना कैश बुक खुद ही बना सकता हूँ
जी हाँ यह बिलकुल सत्य है आप अपना कैश बुक खुद बना सकते हैं बिना किसी के हेल्प से और आपको किसी सीए या अकाउंटेंट के चक्कर लगाने की जरूरत नहीं पड़ेगी
और यह भी सत्य है की आप जिस अकाउंटेंट से कैश बुक बनवाएंगे वह भी आप से यही डाटा मांगेगा, पास बुक मांगेगा
लेकिन फर्क है
प्रशर्माजी आपको महीने तक दौड़ाएंगे तब जाकर किसी शुभ मुहूर्त पर आपको कैश बुक देंगे वह भी किसी न किसी कॉमन एरर के साथ
EMDM का सिक्योर सर्वर कैश बुक के सारे कठिन कैलकुलेशन को वर्चुअल प्राइवेट सर्वर पर करता है जिसमे गलती की संभावना नहीं होती है
आप अधिक जानकारी के लिए हमारे वीडियो देख सकते है या हमारा फेसबुक देख सकते हैं emdm facebook


Easy to Use

eMDM Software has been designed intuitive from the end user perspective.


Mobile Friendly

eMDM is mobile friendly and can be operated using Smart Phone.


Highly Secure

Every Login is Password Protected and site works on HTTPS protocol


High Performance

Response Time is Great. 88% sites of world are slower than emdm.in


Rate Updates

As the Govt rate of meal / egg changes under mid day meal programme, the same gets calibrated in emdm.in


Report in PDF

Reports are generated in PDF format so that you can Save them for future.


99.9% Uptime

eMDM Service is deployed on VPS with redundancy for 99.9% uptime


Customer Care

Supported by Benevolent Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Customer Care


Our Rates are as following

MDM Report

Primary School

INR 250/-

MDM Report

Upper Primary School

INR 300/-

Cash Book


Rs 2000/-

Cash Book


Rs 2000/-

MDM Reports

Different types of Reports

Sample MDM Cash Book Report


Corporate Office: 201/12, Shahjahanabad CGHS, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075

Registered Office:
Rahman Chowk, Ward No 19, Saharsa, Bihar 852201


eMDM is an initiative to help Overburdened Govt. Teachers to Excel in their duties
This initiative is Joint Venture of Agro Farm Solutions Private Limited and Benevolent Software Technologies Private Limited

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